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a poem about chairs that is not really about chairs

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

I don’t sit in chairs like chairs would like me to

Or rather, I don’t sit in chairs how the designer of the chair would like me to

My limbs are crossed or splayed or folded

My weight is draped asymmetrically

I am always curled or stretched

Or upside down

And most chairs I sit in I can feel my way is not what they intended

They passive-aggressively tell me so

I twist in an attempt to make my body comfortable

Knowing there is only so much comfort that comes with a chair designed like chairs are

(because, oddly, most chairs are designed the same way as each other)

Designed for people who are maybe shaped like me but don’t sit like me

Maybe even designed for a person who does not actually exist

But that was made up as the ideal chair-sitter

One who keeps their arms and legs and torso perfectly still and straight and obedient

I wonder:

what about the people that aren't shaped very much like

this imaginary unrealistic ideal chair-sitter?

I wonder about who made these chairs

What they’d impose on my physical form or assume about the way I sit

My size and shape

What I need to be comfortable

Where I want my back to be held

I wonder how chairs would be created

If they had the sitter in mind

And not the room in which the chair is placed.

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